Product Reviews

Shoei X-Twelve Helmet

The new Shoei X-Twelve not only looks phenomenal, it also has outstanding build quality and construction with the highest regard in rider safety. The price is a bit steep with a list price of around $800 (for some versions). I purchased the Kagayama 3 TC-2 blue and white paint scheme and it has dep metalflake accents. The question is this: Does a $800 helmet protect your skull any better than those costing half as much? If a helmet meets DOT, Snell 2010, or ECE ratings, or any combination of those, isn’t that good enough?

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Arai Profile Riptide Helmet

The Arai Profile is a long oval shape specifically developed to give the most comfort and best fit for riders with longer, narrower head-shapes. Externally, like all Arais, the Profile’s shell shape was hand-sculpted by Arai craftsmen, not a computer. Arai believes human solve human problems and computers solve mathematical problems. The hand-formed model is scanned by the most advanced laser scanner technology to create a production model with the lightest tolerances in Arai’s already-legendary history.

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Michelin Power Pure Tires

The Power Pure tires are sporting the latest generation MICHELIN 2CT dual compound technology. Ok, fine. But aren’t all major manufactures releasing dual compound tires now? And I’ve heard that some just don’t “feel” right.

But its main new feature is MICHELIN LTT (Light Tire Technology). The MICHELIN Power Pure weighs 2lbs less than rival tires by optimising the construction, profile, and materials. Shaving off 2lbs off the weight of the sport bike tire may not seem like a big deal. However, it makes a HUGE difference. The weight savings is not covered by the suspension, also known as “unsprung weight”. The lighter the bike’s unsprung weight, the easier it is to from left to right, like in chicanes.

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GoPro Hero HD CameraGoPro Hero HD

GoPro’s HD Motorsports HERO is the world’s highest performance 1080p HD on-board video and still photo camera. Professional quality 1080p, 960p, and 720p HD resolutions record at 30 frames per second (60 fps in 720p). The HD Motorsports HERO easily mounts to any helmet, motorcycle, ATV, car, plane, jet ski, boat, snowmobile or other vehicle. The camera’s quick-release mounting design makes it easy to re-position the camera around your vehicle for professional quality HD video from several angles.

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Vortex Rear Set

Vortex rear sets are designed for professional racing to improve clearance, traction, positioning and control. Fully adjustable for clearance and comfort. Dual bearings in each lever offer precision shifting and braking. Tested and used by more AMA Superbike teams than any other brand. CNC Machined from solid, lightweight billet aluminum. Race Grip footpegs offer superior traction.

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