Electric Motorcycles

CHARGE Movie Trailer

zero emissions/maximum speed

CHARGE is a new movie from the Director of FASTER. CHARGE is a movie about a dream…to build the world’s faster motorcycle and take it to The Isle of Man, the toughest, most unforgiving racetrack in the world. For over 100 years, these hills and valleys of the Isle of Man have echoed to the howls of motorcycle pushed to the limit in search for speed and glory.

On June 12, 2009 petrol engines fell silent but the racing continued… on electric bikes. This marks the day of the world’s 1st ever zero emissions Grand Prix. Was this a moment of history? Or a moment of blasphemy? Some call it “battery powered scrap.”

Like it or now this is happening. Clean, quite motorcycle racing in pursuit to build the world’s fastest electric motorcycle.

In some ways it’s a new dream. The dream of high tech solutions to global energy problems…the dream of a green clean world.

In other ways, it’s a very old dream. One that we all know. The dream of winning.