I covered the trackday prep in the last post Infineon Trackday Prep. Keigwins sets up the track in the AFM configuration, which is about 2.3 miles long, in a clockwise direction

Start/finish is where it all begins and your adrenalin begins pumping as you try to put yourself in a good position to enter the left-right combination that becomes Turn 2.

Turn 2 is a deceptive, hard right hand turn; steeply uphill, blind and off-camber as you enter but flattens out as you exit. Several riders slid off track in Turn 2 throughout the day. Great passing zone between before Turn 3.

Turns 3 & 3a are exhilarating; a fast down then up left followed by a fast up then down right allowing you to touch both knees down within a couple of seconds.

Turn 4, a right hander, is the steepest corner on the course. Hard on the brake and a slight off-camber entrance. Another great passing zone cresting over the hill before the entrance.

Turn 5 is an extremely fast right hand sweeper. Tons of fun but not as much as Turn 6, the infamous “Carousel”. The speed gained from Turn 4 through Turn 5 makes the blind up & over entrance to the Carousel a blast. Blip the throttle and a gear down and then it’s fast, down, down, down the Carousel. I will never forget the first time hitting this right. What a feeling!

Accelerating through the Carousel dumps you out at the bottom of the hill and heading rapidly up a long straightaway.

Turn 7 is at the end of the straight, hard on the brake and two gears down, it’s a bumpy, dual apex, right hand hairpin that requires an extreme lean angle in the middle and hard acceleration at the exit.

Turns 8, 8a and 9 are known as “The Esses”… a sequential left-right-left-right-left set of slightly banked turns, each turn faster than the preceding one. These are very fun. Much more fun than I had originally thought!

Turn 10 is a fast right hand turn with a quick downshift and it’s back on the gas as you fly towards Turn 11, a tight right-hand hairpin. Braking hard into tight Turn 11 and it’s onto the start/finish straight.

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