I posted the 1st of 2 video yesterday Infineon Trackday Video 1 of 2.

Here’s the 2nd of the 2 videos from the trackday. This time, improving on my 2:04.29 lap time to a 2:02.16. This was my fastest lap of the day. It was an extremely hot day with 102 degrees displaying on the lap timer. I am stoked that my tires felt as good as they did, being street tires with 1,500 miles on them. But those Michelin Power Pure tires felt really solid. My rear got a little loose on me in Turn 2 one time and so I started to take it easier on my corner exit acceleration. In the left hander of Turn 9a, there is a seam in the asphalt that made my front tire slip and slide a bit. Since I hadn’t been to this track in 9 years, I “tried” to take it conservative throughout the day and learn the race line and the tracks’s idiosynchrosies.

All things aside, I’m stoked with the day and I am excited to see my times on the next trackday at Infineon!