My lovely and super wonderful wife, Mackenzie, encouraged me to go to a trackday for my birthday. I haven’t been to a trackday in 7 years, which was at Laguna Seca. I did a trackday in 2003 at Infineon. Which is to say, I didn’t remember the track configuration or race lines at all. The only thing that I remember from that trackday is that I was pleasantly surprised at just how fun Infineon was.

After some research online I came across Keigwins @ the Track. So I signed up for the September 19, 2011 trackday. I checked out the condition of my Michelin Power Pure tires after having 1,500 street miles on them and although I would have loved to get some better and stickier track tires, I just didn’t want to fork out the cash for new tires. So on to the next step. Changed the oil, took off the mirrors, disconnected headlight and tailights, and covered the lenses with tape. Decided to stick with my old “65” numbers.

Coincidentally, the Thursday before the trackday, Cycle Gear was hosting “Bike Night” in Pleasanton. Dave Moss of Catalyst Reaction Suspension Tuning was there and so he setup and tuned my suspension. Not only did I get all setup, I won the raffle price of a GoPro HD video camera!

I setup three camera angles on the bike to trade off with my two GoPros. Stay tuned for the Infineon Trackday writeup!