A buddy of mine Frank M. introduced me to a co-worker of his Ouchien S. who rides a CBR600RR. Ouchien is apparently heading out on an incredible ride that sounds really amazing. They are starting from San Jose and heading out through Hollister and down to King City. I’ve never been on the road from Hollister to King City but it looks like it has some good elevation change and a fair amount of twisties as well.

I lived down in San Luis Obispo for close to 11 years and have been through King City countless times. To be fair, it has ALWAYS been through 101 with an occasional stop at a gas station or one of the horrid fast food joints. Someone once asked me if I had ridden on a ride through King City and was told that the ride was a lot of fun. Unfortunately, I was never able to get out there for that ride while living down in San Luis but it’s definitely on my “to do” list.

From there the plan is to ride out to Carmel (one of my favorite destinations) and over to Santa Cruz. Having lived in San Luis Obispo for as long as I did, a lot of rides end up heading up Highway 1 with a destination of Carmel. Not to get too off topic but my buddy Bill G. with his CBR600RR would ride up Highway 1 many-a-times and this ride being planned sparks many fond memories.

The ride to Santa Cruz is fine, nothing great to speak of (once you’ve done it at least once to soak in the views) but the ride up Highway 9 through Ben Lomond and through Big Basin Redwoods State Park is quite a site. I never knew that tucked away in the Santa Cruz mountains would be a mammoth redwood forest. It truly is a beautiful area that I could truly say is worth the time to get out there.

Ouchien, I hope you are buddies have a great ride and I’m sorry I missed this one!

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