Last weekend Mackenzie and my good friends James and Christine D. decided on getting away and have a little fun with their new M3 convertible. I figured what better way than to get out on the open road with a little site seeing on the way.

We headed out from Dublin on a beautiful weekend morning with the temperature steadily rising to a nice 70 degrees in the 680 corridor. James and Christine had the top down and looked like they were thoroughly enjoying their new toy. We made our way down to San Jose near Alum Rock before we proceeded on our way up the hill towards Mt. Hamilton.

The roads were nice, although a little bumpy at times. It’s funny. I was on that road two weekends ago on the bike and although there were some bumps, you definitely get a greater sense of the road conditions in a 4 wheeled vehicle.

That being said, we kept a comfortable pace and made our way to Lick Observatory at Mt. Hamilton. Once we made it there we parked and got out to stretch and took in all the sites.

It was a quick stop and we were off. After all we had a stop to make for lunch and a cold brew at The Junction.

As we pulled up to The Junction, Mackenzie and I made a comment about how good a cold Sierra Nevada sounded. We made our way in and were crushed to hear that the Sierra Nevada keg was delivered that morning but was dropped and so it was pouring only foam. We settled and had some Negra Modelo instead. Although not our ideal choice, it did, however, suffice and quench our thirst.

The ride from The Junction back to the 580 was a blast and a great way to finish off our drive.

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