After a long cold winter I am stoked that warm weekend weather has finally arrived! Noah and Elliott cruised over and picked me up and we left Dublin to ride to Mt. Hamilton. We started by shooting over to Castro Valley and took Palomares Road. I’ve been on Palomares Road several times last year and the road conditions had been very good in the past but this time the road condition was fair with some loose dirt throughout requiring fairly conservative riding.

After making our way through Sunol, Elliott led us into new territory and foreign roads for me. We winded through Calaveras Road twisties heading towards the Calaveras Resevoir. The road conditions were a little better lending to better traction and higher confidence in safe riding. Calaveras Road has a lot of switchbacks and elevation change all while providing a great view of the South Bay. There are plenty of places to pull over to take a break and catchup with the beautiful scenery.

Calaveras Road drops down into the East side of San Jose. With a stop to top of the fuel we were off onto Highway 130/Mt. Hamilton Road. I’ve been on a bunch of great roads in California, and many with great combinations of twisties and switchbacks with plenty of elevation change but I can’t recollect a ride that had this many for so long of a period. It seemed like the road would not end and after every corner there was another corner. The only downside to this incredible trek to Mt. Hamilton was an occasional bump in the road. Most bumps were in some form of straight and didn’t cause too much concern. However, there was a bump in the middle of a right hander which caused a bit of puckering to occur. All was good and so we continued on with our trek.

Our journey was taking a bit longer than we anticipated and so we pushed through Mt. Hamilton after only a quick stop to admire the views. The portion of road after Mt. Hamilton turned out to be my favorite part with the smooth banked curves and technical turns. We took a small break at The Junction, located 22 miles off of I-580, to quench our thirst and to catch our breath. Approximately 4 hours and 125 miles later we completed our loop. Well almost. Noah and Elliott still had a few more miles to get back to Modesto.

All in all it was a great day and a great ride. Spring and warm weather riding is back!

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