If you have two wheels that are powered by nothing but brute muscle, what would you fancy yourself doing on some random July weekend? Of course! Hurling yourself down a perfectly good hiking trail that mountain goats would wince at.

Providing that you exit the arena with nothing but a few bruises and scratches, you’ve had yourself a KICK ASS weekend and had a lot of fun to boot.

Well that’s just what Tei and I did, on Saturday, July 10th. Went up to Northstar-At-Tahoe and made our way (although me somewhat hap-hazzardly) down crazy steep and narrow terrain with nothing but sharp boulders, huge logs and huge drop-offs to catch our falls.

Big props to my Bro Tei for a wonderful time. Thanks for the invite man! Here’s a quick little video of the pics/vids we took while we were there. Next year (or sooner hopefully) we will be sure to take more photos/vids.