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Arai Profile Riptide

Helmets do not last forever and when it comes to riding, safety has to be the number priority. I don’t know where the time goes but it’s coming around to 7 years and I’m still riding with my Arai Quantum f. Yikes… I know! So, I decided to look around a bit and see what was new in the helmet world. I fully planned on keeping with Arai. I love the fit and finish and the safety of their helmets.

I decided on getting an Arai Profile, which is very similar to the Arai Quantum II (successor to Quantum f) – with a nearly identical set of top vents, visor and liner. The rear exhaust assembly is slightly changed. The Arai Profile is an Arai “long oval” head shape, while the Quantum II is a “round head” fit.

The Profile is a very nice helmet, it is much quieter than the Quantum II and it also flows much more air over the top of the rider’s head. The chin vent on the Arai Profile is identical to the vent on the Arai Quantum II, the front top vents on the Profile not only seem to let in much more air, they are also quieter than the vents on the Quantum 2.

The Arai Profile’s top vents transmit slightly more noise when they’re open then when they’re closed and operates with little rocker switches to open and close the vents, which are not terribly difficult to operate when wearing motorcycle gloves.

The Profile’s liner is identical to the liner on the Arai Quantum II, it’s comfortable, and washable.

In the spirit of racing I wore the Arai Profile to test it out during the MotoGP race at Mugello. I am sad to say that my head shape does not fit the Arai “long oval” and I will have to start over in search of my helmet replacement. If you have a “long oval” head shape I highly recommend this helmet. I really love the design and wish it came in a standard Arai “round head” fit but I guess some things were just not meant to be.

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