Sorry for the lack of writing and content. Unfortunately, it has also been a lack of riding. What is keeping from good weather riding? It could be from the lack of good weather recently. What month is it again?

Semi-gloomy weather did put a dent in the riding plans but it also allowed Mackenzie and I to work on a project we decided to take on consisting of a retaining wall system to house bamboo (of some kind) and a couple of raised vegetable garden beds for miscellaneous veggies and herbs. Sounds pretty easy and straight forward. No doubt a lot of work, but still… no problem. Right?

Well, not very far into the project did the nickname “Project Hell” come about. Last minute delivery mishaps, 11th hour decision changes in the project, and the sheer determination to get it “just right” were just some of the factors involved in our project nickname.

All in all, our “Project Hell” came out great. We are still waiting for the cap stones to be delivered so we can put an end to this, what seems to be an never ending project. More on the cap stones later but for now here are some pics from the project.

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