Who would have thought the Livermore Wine & Beer Festival held in the downtown of Livermore would have been so fun? And with so many people?

Mark A. hits me up on late in the week to see if I had heard of it. And wouldn’t you know… I hadn’t the slightest clue of what it is! But we buy our tickets online and get the $5 discount. Mackenzie and I decided to go with beer tastings. Wine tastings during the middle of the day walking in the downtown sun just didn’t sound right. Or maybe it could have been the cost of wine tastings at $25 a head. It could have been a combination of both, I suppose.

Regardless, we ordered up our beer tickets. Er, maybe I should say that Aaron F. ordered up our tickets! Thanks Aaron! Aaron and Becca decided to come out for the festival and he picked up all of our tickets. The beer tasting portion of the festival consists of a “stadium” cup, which turns out to be a 12 oz cup. And for $15 you get the cup plus 5 tokens, 1 for each full cup pour. Not a bad deal at all!

After a few hours, some walking, a few beers down, and after lot of chatting, we all decided to split. Little did we know that Noah J. and Deb were going to hit us up to meet for lunch in Livermore on Sunday. So it was Mackenzie and I back on the bike and we headed out to Livermore. Good weather, great people, and a few beers turned out to be a great weekend!