Most people drool over the thought of a Bugatti Veyron.

I always say that’s because they have never heard of the Koenigsegg CCX (which began production in 2006), Koenigsegg CCXR (which began production in 2007), or now the Koenigsegg Trevita CCXR. The Koenigsegg Trevita CCXR will have only 3 made, making it the rarest supercar and will boast a unique diamond weave carbon fiber finish. And now Jay Leno gets to see (and drive) first hand the Koenigsegg Trevita CCXR. Jay Leno has to be one of the luckiest guys in the

Its hard to say what is “best” about this supercar but I feel in love with the way the doors open. It’s a very unique and engineering tribute to the attention of detail this supercar possesses. Koenigsegg supercars utilize a dihedral synchro-helix actuation door. That’s a really technical and fancy way to say that the door rotates up and forward at the same time. The best way to imagine this is to watch the video.

The Koenigsegg Trevita CCXR is a coupe and speedster combo. With the top on it gives no hint that the roof is removable and with the top removed its a full on speedster. The front end was specifically engineered to house the top and is nicely tucked away. Yet another brilliant engineering feat. Even the suspension lifts up to go over bumps, unlike other supecars which drag and rip the front end off while driving in the streets.

The powertrain is a 4.8L V8 with dual overhead cams, 4 valves per cylinder, and twin supercharger which produces 1,018 hp with half the weight of a Bugatti Veyron. Power is planted to the ground through a transversal semi-automatic 6 speed super synchronization gearbox which gives 30ms shifts. Very cool stuff!

Here’s the video from Jay’s Garage.