Yesterday was such a beautiful day. I finished up some projects around the house and was able to get out for a small ride in the late afternoon and took off towards Sunol. Figured I’d head out towards Niles Canyon Road and Palomares Road. Palomares Road is a nice semi-technical road with lots of elevation changes, blind turns, and decreasing radius turns. The total distance of the ride would be about 30 miles but by the time I got to the end of Palomares Road I just hadn’t had enough riding so I decided to turn around and head back the same direction. All in all it’s a really fun ride and worth doing again.

Dublin to Castro Valley Loop

Distance: 30 miles
Time: 40 minutes
Experience Level: Beginner/Intermediate
Comments: Leisure cruise on some back roads. Tighter twisties on Palomares Rd heading towards Castro Valley.

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